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First meeting of the editorial board in the third session

First meeting of the editorial board in the third session
Wael Al-Junaidi*:
The first meeting of the Editorial Board of  Journal of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language was held in its third session, at exactly eight o’clock in the evening on Tuesday 06/18/1441 AH corresponding to 03/22/2020 AD, chaired by Pro. Meshref Alzahrani welcomed the new members of the editorial board, looking forward to benefiting from their knowledge, expertise, and experiences to enrich the journal’s march, develop it, and enhance its position. He conveyed the thanks of His Excellency the Rector of the University to everyone and his aspiration to see the journal occupy a prestigious research position among its sister scientific journals.
After that, His Excellency the Editor-in-Chief reviewed the topics of the session as follows:
First: Dividing the completed research papers into the issues to be published during the next two years, and specifying the times of their issuance, with an emphasis on the need for regularity in fixed dates.
Second: Completing the requirements for joining the Scopus global database.
Third: Setting the last date for receiving research on 01/09/1441 AH.
Fourth: Adoption of a letter of thanks to the distinguished arbitrators, who are:


Prof . Meageb Bin Saeed Aladwani 

prof . Saloh Musleh Al-Surayhi 

Dr. Aziza Atia Al-Shanbary 

Dr. Mohamed Awad Al-Shehry

In addition to some procedural decisions necessary for the regularity and smoothness of the journal's work. The meeting concluded at exactly ten o'clock in the evening.

* Editorial Manager of the Journal


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