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Publishing ethics for members of the journal's editorial board

Publishing ethics for members of the journal's editorial board:

1- Commitment to impartiality and objectivity in dealing with research and articles submitted to the journal.

2- Giving priority to the magazine's interest over personal interest, and committing not to exploit the magazine's membership for personal purposes.

3- Absolutely preserving the rights of researchers, and absolutely not benefiting any member of the editorial board from it or part of it before publishing it to the public.

4- Providing the necessary instructions related to the journal to researchers who communicate with the journal to publish their research or articles.

5- Restricting written communication between the journal's editorial management and researchers only.

6- Non-disclosure of the name and identity of the researcher to the arbitrators.

7- Not disclosing the names of the arbitrators to the researcher, especially to whom the arbitration reports are sent for amendment.

8- Apologizing to the researcher when his research did not pass the arbitration, without providing him with the arbitrators' decision

9- Keeping all arbitration decisions with the magazine in a confidential manner, and informing the administrative authorities related to the magazine only.

10- Complete abstinence from accepting gifts or intercession, in the interest of impartiality and complete integrity in dealing with research.


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