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Arbitration Procedures

Research handling and arbitration procedures:

1- When sending the research, the researcher is committed to the publishing regulations approved by the journal, which are published on its website.

2- The research is sent to two arbitrators, in the same research specialization, without the name of the researcher, and they are provided with the arbitration forms that must be filled out, and when the arbitrators differ in the recommendation, the research is sent to a weighted third arbitrator.

3- If the outcome of the arbitration is: rejection, and substantial amendments with re-arbitration, the researcher apologizes.

4- The researcher shall be notified of the reviewers' remarks, to amend them and return the revised research to the journal within two weeks, from the date the research was sent to him.

5- The editorial board evaluates the researcher's modifications. If they are 80% consistent with the reviewers' notes, the researcher is provided with a letter of acceptance of publication. And when it is published, it is notified of this, and the link to the published research is provided.

6- The editorial board has the right to withdraw from accepting or publishing a research paper if it is found that there are legal violations, or contents that violate the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the research is deleted from the journal’s website, with an indication of the reason for cancellation of publication.

7- The researcher has the right to withdraw the research before publication, if he submits to the editorial board in writing with convincing reasons. As for after publication, the researcher is not entitled to do so.


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